Eastwood Spotlight // Natasha Jiwa


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  • North Shore Update

    After much deliberation and an ongoing legal battle with our neighbours [which is still in process] we have made the very difficult decision to keep the doors closed. The strife that has been caused...

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  • Celebrate #globalwellnessday with Intention

    If you're living in Vancouver, you're probably well aware that tomorrow, June 9th, is Global Wellness Day. A full day of celebration and awareness of health and wellness. Earlier this week, Eastwood...

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  • The True Meaning of Reset

    If you have ever stepped into an Eastwood boxing class, you will most likely be familiar with the term reset. It does not necessarily mean restore, resume, or recommence, nor is it a state of hyper...

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  • Get High With Us

    M A Y  2 1 S T   -   J U N E  1 7 T H High Temperatures | High Times | High Five For every five classes you complete from May 21st - June 17th, you’ll be automatically entered into...

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  • Calling all Athlete riders: Spring auditions are here

    You might just be what we're looking for. Why not make the transition from floor to podium + join our incredible North Shore instructor family.

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  • Celebration of Women // Eastwood meets Leah Alexandra

    To round up our celebration of women series, we spoke to Leah Alexandra, founder of Leah Alexandra Jewelry.

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  • Celebration of Women // Eastwood meets Tiffany Collins

    Next up, we spoke to the Vancouver based artist, Tiffany Collins.

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  • Celebration of Women // Eastwood meets Amanda Hlatky

    Next in the series is Amanda Hlatky, founder of Glow Dermal Therapy.

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  • Celebration of Women // Eastwood meets Eliza Butler

    Next in the series is, Eliza Butler, an integrative wellness coach, founder of Eliza Jane Wellness + Eastwood Luminary. 

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