Celebration of Women // Eastwood meets Tiffany Collins

  • In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting an amazing group of strong, incredible women who inspire us daily.

    Next up, we spoke to the Vancouver based artist, Tiffany Collins.

    –       Describe a typical day

    But First… coffee! Once I have had my Almond-Milk-Latte I get to my client emails & delivery setups. It’s very important for me to feel inspired before heading into my studio. Sometimes it take a little while to get in the mental/emotional space to paint but luckily it never takes me too long! At that point, I review my vision boards for the current art pieces I am working on & head into my home studio. Throughout the day, I work on multiple creations, sometimes in between client meetings.

    –       What made you interested in mixed media art?

    Since I can remember, I have always wanted to find my own unique take on design/style/beauty. I was always very involved in different art classes & design courses. At 18 I began to follow my vision & started painting by my own rules (mixed media allows an artist to really think outside the box while using an array of different mediums).

    –       When did you decide to make a career out of your artistic talents?

    Although I started my craft at 18 years old, it’s not until 2 years ago that I really began pursuing my art career. What’s funny is that I always knew my art would become my life when the time was right.

    –       Where do you find inspiration for each of your pieces?

    My style of art is completely inspired by old, distressed walls I have seen in my travels. Other things that inspire me:

    – aesthetics of old natural materials (wood, leather, copper…)

    – florals (I have always had a love for botanicals)

    – interior design (shape, colour, fabrics)

    – sunsets (no two alike – but gorgeous every time)


    –       What do you wish you’d known before starting your own business?

    I think you just dive in when you are ready to commit to something your passionate about. And along the way you will quickly realize that there is no way to know everything or to be fully prepared. What I am currently working on is enjoying the process – although it can sometimes be challenging when dealing with shipping art! lol

    –       If you could give your teenage-self one piece of advice what would it be?

    Work on your skill & grow at it. But also stay open minded to other skills that might help you along your journey.

    –       What is your ultimate life goal?

    I strongly believe that the secret to life is BALANCE. But I am a hopeless romantic and my biggest goal in life is to LOVE DEEPLY (essentially to live with passion).

    –       Fave Vancouver restaurant/café/coffee shop 

    Le Marche St. George (cafe) Osteria Savio Volpe & La Buca (restaurants)

    –       Fave place to hike

    Joffre Lakes | Pemberton

    –       Fave local brands

    7e7 Atelier St. George – The Cross Decor & Design – Herschel Supply – Native Shoes

    –       Fave Vancouver neighbourhood

    Kits | Gastown | N.Van

    –       Feminine hero

    My mom

    –       Go-to workouts

    – Live Awake Podcast (soul workout) 

    – Vancouver Seawall Walks (mental workout) 

    – Eastwood (physical workout)

    –       Dream vacation spot 

    Italy, every time.

    –       Can’t live without item


    Take a look at more of Tiffany’s artwork here