Mindfulness on the Mountain

  • Are you heading up to Cypress or making the journey to Whistler this season? Why not try and include mindfulness in your next run.

    Mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve cardiovascular performance and heighten concentration. This also allows you to be more in tune with your body, knowing when you’re getting tired and need to take a break to prevent injuries. Focusing your attention and awareness on sensation, rather than speed and adrenaline.

    Established in Europe with programs at Val d’Isère, ski therapy in Les Arcs and mindful skiing weekends at Grand Massif, mindful skiing and snowboarding allows you to focus patiently on each and every run, allowing for more enjoyment, rather than simply bombing down the hill.

    Don’t just benefit your body this Winter, benefit your body, mind and soul + take your adventure to the next level. Let mindfulness skiing and snowboarding ground you, strengthen you and elevate you, whilst contributing to a happier and healthier everyday living.

    // Breathe, Calm, Centre, Root, Energize //