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  • Eastwood, meet Eliza

    She has East Coast roots but West Coast vibes

    Hey ESTWD

    I’m Eliza + I’m a certified integrative wellness coach. Before I get into what I do, I wanted to give you a little more background info on who I am.

    This may come as a surprise, but I grew up playing hockey super competitively. I spent most of my days dreaming/thinking about/playing hockey (as most hockey players will readily admit). When I started getting recruited to universities all across New England and the Northeast, it felt like I was finally going to fulfill my life dream of being the first woman to play in the NHL. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.

    When my hockey career ended after my first year at university, I had a complete and utter identity crisis. I experienced my first panic attack, and living with anxiety became my new normal. From the outside looking in you would think my life was going pretty well. I was well-liked, got decent grades, and managed to never miss a night-out partying. Yet internally, I was a mess.


    It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco in 2015 to start my Masters degree in Integrative Health Studies did I begin to understand how much unnecessary pain I was causing myself. I turned to mindfulness and self-compassion practices, meditation, and mind-body medicine to heal myself from the inside, out. It requires constant commitment to the process, but I believe that a fully holistic approach to our health and well-being is the only way we will feel relief from our ailments.

    Now working as an integrative wellness coach, I help other’s who are feeling stuck or consumed by their anxiety and mind chatter. I’m all about accessible and sustainable self-care practices that you can start implementing into your life today. Together we’ll discover the root of your anxiety and negative self-talk so you can finally feel at peace with your mind and at home in your body.

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    Eliza will be offering FREE[DOM] Wellness Coaching sessions to all on Sunday, Jan 28th. Click to book your session.

    She will also be running Self Compassion workshops throughout February. Learn how to tackle negative self-talk + reduce feelings of anxiety + low self-worth. Click to book your spot.


    To learn more about Eliza, take a look at her website