Celebration of Women // Eastwood meets Eliza Butler

Next in the series is, Eliza Butler, an integrative wellness coach, founder of Eliza Jane Wellness + Eastwood Luminary. 

You Deserve Self Love – Here’s Why

Our Wellness Coach, Eliza is back with another instalment on self love + why we should all be giving ourselves some TLC, a little more often.

Self-Compassion, plan and simple, is  treating yourself as you would treat a friend. You wouldn’t yell at your friend for forgetting her phone at the restaurant, would you?

Self Love takes time. Let’s work on it together.

Eastwood, meet Eliza. She has East Coast roots but West Coast vibes.
Hey ESTWD, I’m Eliza + I’m a certified integrative wellness coach. Before I get into what I do, I wanted to give you a little more background info on who I am. This may come as a surprise, but I grew up playing hockey super competitively. I spent most of my days dreaming/thinking about/playing hockey (as most hockey players will readily admit). When I started getting recruited to universities all across New England and the Northeast, it felt like I was finally going to fulfill my life dream of being the first woman to play in the NHL.

Mindfulness on the Mountain

Mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve cardiovascular performance and heighten concentration. This also allows you to be more in tune with your body, knowing when you’re getting tired and need to take a break to prevent injuries. Focusing your attention and awareness on sensation, rather than speed and adrenaline.